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Danielle Simpson

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Danielle Donohue

Danielle Simpson is one of LCs most recent Community Fundraisers. Read her story below and find out why she dedicated the whole month of September to raising funds for Leukaemia Care.

“Papa Simpson (Karl) was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) several years before I met his son Dean. His condition didn’t really affect his usual day to day life and he was able to continue to work and do volunteering work at the Castle Museum in York.

“Karl would get his bloods checked every couple of months and things carried on as normal. However, in 2015, his blood test results caused concern for his consultant and he was admitted to hospital for treatment and numerous blood transfusions.

“After that, he was in and out of hospital until he deteriorated really quickly and passed away on 12th October 2015 (my husband’s birthday) with my husband by his side. As a family we were devastated, and felt that perhaps we could have supported him more if we knew more about his condition and the seriousness of it. However, Karl did hide a lot of it from us and always took it in his stride, as he did with most things.

“Spotty September for me was an ideal opportunity to support Leukaemia Care and raise some worthy funds and promote the charity. I decided to wear a ‘spotty’ clown costume to work for every day in September. I work at the University of York at the Department of Health Sciences, and research into leukaemia is ongoing. Colleagues were very responsive and even sponsored me to have a non-fancy dress costume day once a week, which I appreciated as the costume was very hot, especially the big wig. I even gave a presentation to the students one day dressed as a clown, much to their amusement.

“I also made two ‘spotty’ themed hampers to raffle which raised more funds. My husband’s work colleagues also hosted a ‘dress down’ day at work and each paid £2.50 towards Leukaemia Care, which they kindly donated on my JustGiving page. Money is still being donated and by the end of October I hope to have raised over £400.

“Karl would have been very humbled by how generous people have been.”