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Corporate fundraising ideas

We've got lots of ideas and activities you can arrange during office hours or after work.

Getting involved in fundraising at work has endless benefits, such as:


Spot the baby

Who’d have thought that your manager once looked so cute? Collect baby photos from colleagues, pin them on a board and ask people to guess who they are for £1 a go. The winner gets a small prize and the money donated to charity.

Seasonal fundraising

Seasons and special occasions provide endless opportunities to fundraise. Whether it’s an Easter celebration or a Christmas extravaganza, there will be lots of fun for everyone.

Wear seasonal costumes such as Halloween or Christmas jumpers and get everyone to bring in some food and drink. Get everyone to donate a small fee  and donate to charity.


Everyone loves a piece of cake, so get everyone to bring in their own speciality and charge per slice

Swear box

A popular and easy method of fundraising. Install a swear box in your office and punish those who lower the tone by charging them £1 for each offensive word muttered.

Dress loud day

As well as dress down Fridays, there’s dress differently days too! The idea is really simple. Choose a day, create a theme, and encourage everyone to wear the wackiest, loudest costume they can find. Get everyone to donate a small fee for the privilege of leaving their office attire at home.

You bet!

Run a sweepstake for the Grand National, Wimbledon, the football or the rugby and donate a percentage of the takings to Leukaemia CARE.

Match funding

Lots of companies will match fund anything that employees raise for charity. Does your company offer this kind of support?

Payroll giving

It is a valuable source of revenue for charities and why not support a charity of your choice with a regular, tax free donation from your pay.