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Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies work alongside conventional medical treatments and can be used to help improve psychological and emotional wellbeing as well as reducing the impact of treatment-related side effects.

Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional treatment of your blood cancer. They are not used to treat the causes and symptoms of your cancer but aim to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing throughout treatment to make you feel more comfortable, in a better emotional state and more relaxed.

Difference between complementary and alternative therapies

Conventional medical treatments are used by doctors to treat people with cancer. Depending on your blood cancer, this can include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapies or surgery. These treatments are scientifically tested and proven and can cure cancers, help people to live longer or reduce their symptoms.

Complementary therapies and alternative therapies are very different. It’s important you know this so you can make informed decisions.

Complementary therapies can used alongside conventional medical treatments. They do not claim to cure cancer but can boost a patient’s physical or emotional health. They can also help to alleviate symptoms and side effects.

Alternative therapies are used instead of conventional medical treatments. Some claim to treat or cure cancer. But no alternative therapies have been proven to cure cancer and some may be harmful.

Always tell your medical team about any therapies you’re using. 

Leukaemia CARE does not endorse the use of alternative therapies.