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Leukaemia CARE Careline

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How you can help

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With your help we can ensure fair and equal access to treatment for blood cancer patients across the UK and put an end to this #CancerLottery.

Sign the petition

Add your voice to the campaign by signing our petition, calling on the government to introduce a more flexible way of appraising drugs to ensure that drugs developed for the treatment of patients with a rarer cancer are fairly assessed by NICE - and made equally available to patients throughout the UK.

This will involve changing the way drugs are appraised to account for smaller patient populations – it’s rare disease areas where data is difficult to collect, creating uncertainty, leading to fewer drugs being recommended.

Write to your M.P

Help us take our Cancer Lottery campaign to Parliament and write a letter to your MP to get them to raise the issue of inequalities in treating rare cancers like blood cancers. Use our letter template to voice your concerns to your MP.