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Seven weeks in - Tracey Warboys

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Tracey Warboys

By Tracey Warboys


I'm now seven weeks into my training. I'm following the First-Time Finisher 16-week Marathon Training Schedule, and I have been running on and off over the past two years with a local running group.

Training is going okay. It’s a little slow at times, as it's been difficult to get out of the house due to having poorly children, especially with my son Jack. It’s now been 19 months since his sibling bone marrow transplant for relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Also, the weather has been awful. I don't mind running in the cold, rain, wind and snow, but I'd rather not!

Fortunately, I have a small gym area at home where I can continue to train and keep an eye on the kids. Or, if I'm really pressed for time, (which can be a problem sometimes, especially with a husband and eight children to look after), I do run on my treadmill, use the cross trainer, my static bike and my vibration plate, which is helping me gain some core strength.

However, I'm having a few issues with my knees at the moment; they are a little bit sore during my runs. I think it has a lot to do with lying on hard hospital beds in recent months, but my physio says it's due to tight IT bands - looks like more stretching and foam rolling is needed! 

I'm now starting to build up to my long runs (I ran 10 miles once during the summer!). I have some great country parks around my area which helps, and I'm up to six to eight miles now. I'm running/walking them until my knees are less trouble, which will hopefully be soon!

This should also help with my first half marathon at Silverstone, which is coming up in March. I have run a few 5-10k races over the past few months, so I'm aware of the need to stick to my training plan. I'm trying my hardest to stick with it, but it’s not always easy with a large family!

I don't usually suffer with nerves but I'm starting to feel rather nervous. I’m having a few sleepless nights as it's getting closer now Christmas is out the way! I'm a little scared but also very excited to run for Leukaemia Care, who do fantastic work providing valuable support and information for people, families and children, like my son Jack.  I know that I will try my very best to cross that finish line on 23rd April. If Jack (at the age of 10) can get through his treatment without complaint, with true grit, with determination, with hope and with a smile on his face, I'm sure going to try and run the London Marathon with the same determination. Jack is, after all, the reason and my inspiration for running.

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