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The small things

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  • Daniel Chapman 2

By Daniel Chapman

It’s been nine weeks since I started my London Marathon training and, as expected, there have been good days and bad days. This has mainly been due to the weather; but I still feel like it’s going well.

It’s now only a few weeks until the marathon and, at the moment, I can say I am a little nervous, but seriously excited. I’m sure the nerves will get worse as 24th April draws closer!

I took on the Colchester Half Marathon on Sunday 13th March. As I had never ran any type of long-distance running race, I really didn’t know what to expect. By running the half marathon, it has given me some insight into what to expect on the big day.

My furthest distance before the half marathon was 14.5 miles. It was a good experience as the longer I was running, the more comfortable I was feeling; but I did have sore legs the next day! There have been some bad days whilst training. In week six of my training, I had a very sore neck so I was unable to run for about five days out of that week which was frustrating; but I knew I could make up the days missed in the following weeks, which I have done.

Since my neck problem, I have had sore feet and legs but I haven’t had any other problems during my training. Fingers crossed from now until April, I will continue to stay injury-free. I find myself constantly looking online for any hints and tips for the big day, just to put my mind at ease. I’ve learnt to eat the right foods at the right time and to eat food on the run to give me the energy boost I need. I now use jelly beans on any runs that are longer than 60 minutes. These small things are helping me in my preparation.

My fundraising is going very well and I am 25% towards my fundraising total with two events set to take place in the diary. On 31st March, my mum has organised a virtual race night with our local pub, which has had a good response in my mum’s area with local businesses getting involved. I’m hoping it will help to make a big dent in my target.

On Saturday 2nd April my mum has also volunteered to do “brave the shave” which I am so proud of her because as a woman I think to shave their head is very brave thing to do so hopefully this will also bring in some kind donations which will also go towards my fundraising target.

My next blog will be after the big day, so wish me luck and I’ll see you across the finish line!

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