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Ten reasons to be a Student Ambassador for Leukaemia CARE

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By Abbie Horton

Our Student Ambassador programme is available to all students in college, sixth form and university aged 16-25. Young people who are part of our SA programme get involved in all aspects of charity work, whether that’s events, helping our Fundraising Team to raise money and helping with campiagns to raise awareness of the charity.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider being one of our Student Ambassadors…

Build your CV

Voluntary work is a great asset to have on your CV; it lets future employers know that you're committed and shows that you're willing to broaden your horizons. It can be a very desirable attribute to an employer.

Karren Brady, vice-chairman of West Ham United football club, says: "Anybody who volunteers is taking a decisive step in the right direction and taking their career ambitions into their own hands. Not only does volunteering give you valuable experience, but it makes you eminently more employable. And who knows, you might even have some fun too! I would seriously consider a candidate for interview if they had committed to volunteering."

Be part of a team

A lot of our opportunities rely on our students working together to raise awareness for us. So you could either create a team with your own friends or have the opportunity to meet new people and work alongside them. Teamwork is a key skill that is required in most walks of life, from university to your future career.

Develop your skills

The programme will allow you to maximise useful life skills such as communication, team work, leadership, time management, creativity and organisational skills.

Feel amazing and do something amazing

Volunteering for us has multiple benefits, not only will you be helping people living with leukaemia, but you will also be helping yourself. People who volunteer feel proud of their achievements and happy in the knowledge that they have been proactive in making a difference in someone else’s life.

Get an award with vInspired

The Student Ambassador programme is run through vInspired which is a nationally accredited online award programme that allows young people to log their volunteering hours and be awarded with a v10, v50 or v100 certificate.

Flexible hours

The programme is aimed at students, so it is incorporated with your studies; we understand that your workload can sometimes limit the amount of extra-curricular activities that you can participate in. Therefore, there is no restriction on how much time you must spend on the programme each week.

Increase awareness

Raising awareness can vary from distributing our support leaflets to your local GP, doctors and library, to promoting Leukaemia CARE in your college, sixth form and university. By promoting our charity and our events, you can help to raise awareness of us.

As part of our Student Ambassador programme, we ask students to come up with ideas to help increase our online presence. We challenge you to promote the ‘Give as you Live’ site as a fundraising tool for Leukaemia CARE, aiming to gain as many new supporters as possible.

Do something you’ve always dreamed of

Experience something others will only ever dream of by trekking to the summit of the World’s tallest free-standing mountain. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the jungle, spectacular wildlife, and breathtaking glaciers.

Leukaemia CARE offers a number of different treks from Kilimanjaroto Uganda. So if you have a sense of adventure and have always wanted to do something challenging then this could be the experience for you.

Face a fear

There’s no better way to face a fear than when you’re raising money for charity. Your bravery is sure to inspire people and encourage them to sponsor you just that little bit more.

Have a fear of heights? Why not try and overcome that fear and take part in a skydive in aid of Leukaemia CARE? This is the ultimate challenge and sure to leave you with some unforgettable memories.                                          

Raise money

What this is all about - raising money for a truly worthy cause. By being a Student Ambassador, your hard work could help change the lives of people living with leukaemia.

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