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Top ten tips for supporting someone with blood cancer

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Ali Jacobs

If you know someone who has been diagnosed with blood cancer, you may be you feeling helpless so, our CARE team has put together our top 10 tips that you can do to help.

1. Run errands for them- when someone has blood cancer, even the most mundane of everyday tasks can seem daunting.  You can make a huge difference to someone you know by offering to collect groceries for them, do their ironing or by doing some housework.

2. Set up an email address for them- when someone has been diagnosed with blood cancer, they might not feel like talking all of the time. Why not set them up with an email address especially for friends and family to contact them on? Emailing is often less pressure than replying to text messages or phone calls and means a person with blood cancer can respond whenever they feel up to it.

3. Surprise them with small gifts- going through cycles of treatment can sometimes seem overwhelming for someone with blood cancer. Buying them a small gift can help lift their mood and show them you care.  Gift ideas could include some new pyjamas, fluffy socks and even a nice candle for them to light whilst they rest.

4. Offer lifts- getting to and from appointments can be expensive and time consuming for carers of blood cancer patients.  Changing up the routine a little can make a nice change for the person you know, plus it will be a great help to their carer too!

5. Be patient- when someone you know or love has blood cancer, they will be feeling a lot of different emotions. Sometimes they may not be as appreciative as you might expect or they may not want to talk at all. Your support is important so try to be patient and understanding of what your friend or loved one is going through.

6. Read them a story- for someone going through treatment for blood cancer, they may need to spend a lot of time resting but might not be feeling up to watching TV or reading a book. Why not visit regularly to read them a story, or perhaps buy them an audio book so they can listen at their leisure?

7. Look out for those around them- Blood cancer doesn’t only affect the patient, but also their loved ones. Sometimes it can be hard for carers or close family members because they feel the need to stay strong. Why not help them out by asking what you can do for them? Or treating them to a small gift to show what a great job they’re doing?

8. Do some fundraising- be in the know about blood cancers and show your loved one that you’re behind them by fundraising for Leukaemia CARE or signing up for a fundraising challenge.

9. Don’t stay for too long- Having lots of visitors when you’re having treatment for blood cancers can be tiring and daunting for some people. Be sure not to make long visits and stay for too long. Little and often is normally better.

10. DIY restaurant- for someone facing blood cancer, they may not feel well enough to eat out and their treatment may well affect their taste buds. Why not make your own pop-up restaurant and ask them what food they’d like, serve it on a fancy plate with a few finishing touches to the experience.

If you would like to speak to someone about being affected by blood cancer, or helping someone who is call 08088 010 444

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