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Summer Sun fundraising ideas

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The days are that little bit longer, the weather is typically unpredictable, and there’s a faint smell of your neighbours smoking BBQ in the air. You can’t deny that the British summertime is officially here. Why not make the most of this glorious time of the year and have fun in the sun whilst raising valuable funds for us.

Whether you’ve got a fundraising pledge that you’re working towards or if you simply want to do your bit to raise money to help support those affected by blood cancer, every little helps and our dedicated fundraising team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Here’s a few ideas to get your fundraising juices flowing:

Car wash

Bring out the buckets and rubber gloves and get scrubbing! The necessary materials are cheap to buy and if you manage to clean 10 cars at £5 each you’ve already managed to raise £50, simple!

Garage/drive sale

Gather up all the bits and bobs lying around the house that you don’t really want or need and set up a table to display all of it on your drive. If you live in a quiet neighbourhood make sure you advertise the sale to attract as much interest as possible!


If you’re a dab hand at cooking or baking why not put your skills to good use and hold your own BBQ or picnic. Gather all your friends and family together for an afternoon of good company and great food. Charge a small amount per drink or item of food.

Summer fete

If you’re keen to hold a larger fundraising event, why not hold your own summer fete. There are a whole host of different activities that you could arrange, from competitions and games to tombolas and raffles, you’re sure to provide a fun day to be had by all. You could even organise a live singer to keep your attendees entertained. Charge a small fee for entry and to participate in any of the activities.

If you’ve got more ideas to share, why not leave a comment in the box below?

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