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  • Daniel Chapman

By Daniel Chapman

My name is Daniel Chapman and I am currently serving in the British Army within the Royal Corps of Signals. I live with my wife Vicki and our two children, Tyler, aged 5 and Ellie-Marie, aged 3, in Colchester, Essex. My wife and I have chosen to run the 2016 London Marathon on behalf of Leukaemia CARE.

There are a number of reasons why we chose to run a marathon and raise money for Leukaemia CARE. The first reason is that the London Marathon is such a big, iconic event, so it was something we wanted to be a part of, but secondly, we share one main reason for taking on this challenge. Earlier this year back in August 2015 I was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML). Even though my diagnosis was only four months ago we knew that we wanted to take something positive from a massive negative, and we both agreed that fundraising for a blood cancer charity was the way forward. So I searched the internet for a charity, it was then I came across Leukaemia CARE. I instantly thought to myself, this is the one. I contacted them via e-mail explaining the situation and almost instantly received a reply offering support. I then found on the fundraising page that I could enter the London Marathon and I would be a guaranteed runner because of my connection with blood cancer. I instantly entered my details along with my wife’s and we were set.

I was very excited with the prospect of finally getting the chance to run the London Marathon. I was also nervous, not about the race but my own personal fitness. As a soldier, personal fitness is a big part of the job and before I became ill, my fitness levels were very good. One of the main reasons I first thought I had an illness was the fact that my fitness had massively deteriorated. Now that it is a few months into my treatment I have managed to start my training which has been going very well. I started with a few short runs to see how I would manage with running again and I am now training regularly three to four times a week including running, swimming and strength training in the gym.

It’s been great getting back into training and training with Vicki. We are both set to start full time marathon training as of the New Year where we will be running four times a week. We will start off with shorter and slower runs before trying to build up to faster and longer distances. We are also planning on running the Colchester Half Marathon in March 2016 just before the London Marathon, as a practice. Our fundraising for the marathon started off well but as it’s Christmas time, it has slowed down but we are planning to hold a number of events starting in the New Year.

See you for another update in the Christmas!

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