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  • Daniel Chapman

By Daniel Chapman


Our full time marathon training started on Monday 4th January. It wasn’t too bad considering Vicki and I had, like everyone, enjoyed Christmas and New Year a little too much.

As the first week went on, the runs got better as we started getting used to running again. Now we’re into the second week we will steadily increase the length and time of our runs. When we both signed up to run the marathon back in September 2015 we decided straight away that we would run together and that meant we would train together as best we could considering we both have two young children. Unfortunately, Vicki had to pull out of the marathon but is still my training partner and will be there on the day cheering me on.

Our son Tyler is in reception so he is at school all day but our daughter is not at nursery or school as of yet so we knew it was going to be difficult to go running together. To help us to be able to train together, we have invested in a jogging pram which means after my son is dropped off at school, the three of us then go for our run. It is really nice being able to train so closely with my wife, side-by-side; something that is really important to both of us.

Since my last blog, my treatment for chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) has continued to progress very well. I have had regular blood tests and my white cell count has dropped to a normal level, with my consultant telling me I have reached haematological stability. This has helped with my training as I have been given the thumbs up by my consultant to carry on training hard and to run within my own capability. At the moment I am still serving within the British Army but despite feeling fit and healthy, I am still at home on sick leave. This gives me a lot of time to prepare and train for the big day.

Unfortunately, our fundraising for the marathon has still not gone as well as first hoped. With an event still to take place to help push us closer towards our target, kind donations from friends on JustGiving or collection tins have been our main source of fundraising. We are hoping to plan and hold some type of event in February or March; what this will be we are still unsure.

Hopefully by my next blog I will have more good news about mine and Vicki’s training, my own health and we will have raised more money to help us reach our fundraising target.

Happy New Year and good luck with your training!

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