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Running the London Marathon...again.

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Jody Wilson and Jason Turner

Hi guys, 

My name is Jody Wilson I'm 35 married to my gorgeous wife Katie and have two beautiful daughters Alicia (Lissy) 5 and Isla 2, I live in Oswestry , Shropshire and work as Grounds Manager.

London 2017 will be my second year running the London Marathon for Leukaemia CARE but my 5th London Marathon over all. And you'd be forgiven in thinking I'm an old hand at the training, but in all honesty I've been rubbish in the past, as I like my beer and my food too much! 

But I've vowed to make my 5th and probably final (he says ....again!) London Marathon the best, and am aiming for just over four hours. My other four have been between 4:37 and 4:47 hours.

My choice to run for Leukaemia CARE was easy. After my sister Thea was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease. You can read her story here.

So my training is going well, it's only the second week into a 20 week plan. Which has consisted of five days of gentle 40/45 minute runs in the week with a larger run on Saturday and Sunday being a rest day.  

Although this weekend I swapped my rest day as I got compete in a local trail run with Thea and my other sister Tanya and brother Joel. Which basically consisted of nine miles of hell up and over some of the steepest marsh and woodland I've ever seen, and boy, are my calves feeling it today! But you know what? It's worth it to run as Team Wilson for the first time ever.

Over the coming months, which obviously included Christmas, I intend to push myself even more as I really want that personal best time, even plan to have a month or so off the beer, well until my casino night anyway! 

My fundraising is going well, I have nearly £500 on my page and a big casino and auction night planned for February, for which I have been overwhelmed with the support of the local businesses and hope too smash my target of £2150.  Which will be amazing! 

I ran last year with my wing man Jason and we both found the care and support of Leukaemia CARE and the Fundraising team amazing- my personal contact was Clare Brooks last year and she's still quick to reply and help out wherever possible this year! 

You guys made the expo last year for us, making us feel so welcome, and I look forward to seeing you all again as I'll be on my own this time around!

Good luck guys!

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    Mark Watling January 13 at 5:42pm

    Hi Jody! I'm running this year for Leukaemia Care and will be my first and last marathon! Hope your training goes well and may see you on the day! All the best Mark.

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