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Rona Button - Update on the start of my training

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Rona - Button - RMB Magor 10km2

On Friday 5 May Steph told me that she’d also got a place to run for Leukaemia Care.  Suddenly, our fundraising target had increased to £6,750, but I told the girls to just see the total and not worry about their individual targets.

To say that Ann-Marie was overwhelmed would be an understatement. Team Weller suddenly had three members. Steph wanted to put something on Facebook straight away but I asked her to wait so we could word it carefully, but eventually word got out via her social media post. Funnily enough, she received the most stick for entering. I think that people who know her were genuinely shocked. I’m not worried about Izzy as she’s already completed a half marathon. I’m worried about me but I’m also very determined. Steph will probably have to work the hardest, but her sense of achievement when she crosses the line will be all the greater. I’ll be so proud of us all. 

Andrew then said he’d do it with me but there’d be no point. He’s a foot taller than me at 6’4” and I’d never be able to run with him. Imagine the length of his stride compared to mine. No, we would need him for support (and to drive us home as none of us would be fit to walk, never mind drive). Also, we’d have to raise even more money…

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