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Rona Button - My London Marathon Journey

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  • Rona Button - Tesco

Tuesday and Wednesday were rest days. Wednesday would normally be an interval run of some sort but I had band practice in Bristol (I go to Long Ashton to sing with a couple of friends who play the guitar). It’s really good for the soul and I always feel so much better after a good sing.

Tonight, was interval training and, in the absence of Sue, Andrew said he would come out with me. This is his idea of being WITH me:

Way out in front! That said, it was nice that he came out with me as it was getting pretty dusky by the time we got home and I was glad of the company. I took him on my circular route around Caerleon in two-minute run/two-minute walk intervals and we covered 3.45 miles in 45 minutes. It was really pleasant, although I did think I’d have to start moaning when it began to spit with rain. We passed two different groups of Caerleon Runners (they didn’t move across the footpath and were running at least two abreast, so I didn’t move either). In my bright orange top, they were more scared of me than me of them and they moved over in time. 

Next physio appointment tomorrow afternoon so time to report back and ask all the questions I’ve got lined up. Hopefully Rob will be able to answer them…

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