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Random Acts of Kindness Day

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

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We all have good days and bad days, but when suffering from blood cancer, it might feel like you have more bad days than good.

If someone close to you has blood cancer, why not take the time to make sure today is a good day? Here are some ideas to lift their spirits and keep them positive.

Buy their favourite snacks

Sometimes cancer treatment can affect a person’s appetite and taste, and can often cause nausea. Try gathering a selection of their favourite snacks and treats for them to nibble on. This may help eating to become more enjoyable and for their appetite to slowly return.

Write positive post-it notes and stick them around their room

Whether they may be at home or on a hospital ward, writing positive and encouraging post-it notes and sticking them around their room or bed is a sweet gesture that’s sure to brighten their mood.

Write a list of things you like about them

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. However, we often keep compliments to ourselves, thinking them instead of voicing them. Those suffering from blood cancer may have a dip in their confidence after diagnosis, so it’s important to show you still value them, cancer or no cancer. By writing a list of things you like about them, you could help to make them feel special once again.

Volunteer or fundraise for us to raise money

One way to give back to blood cancer patients is to join us as a volunteer or fundraiser! By raising money for us through events and challenges, or even just donating some money, you could help support hundreds of people who have been affected by a blood cancer diagnosis.

To find out how you can get involved, head here.

Offer a helping hand

If you know someone is feeling overwhelmed, offer to do their shopping or house work to take a load off them

This may seem obvious, but when you have your own tasks to carry out, you can often forget about those who are less able to carry on with the everyday. Whether they’re a patient or carer, offer to do their weekly shop, wash their laundry, or even take the kids on the school run. These small tasks could make the world of difference.

Make a photo album of some of the good times you’ve spent together

The digital age is in full swing, but photo albums are making a comeback. Now that there are services which allow us to print photos from our smartphones at our local supermarket or with an online retailer, it’s simpler than ever to put together photo albums. So, why not gather up all those selfies and silly snaps on your smartphone, print them, and present them in an album to your friend or loved one. It’ll be something they can cherish and take with them wherever they may need it.

Donate your old clothes, currency, stamps and phones to us

If you’ve got junk and old letters lying around, don’t bin them! Send them to us and we’ll recycle them for you. That way, we get a donation from the recycling company, and you’ve got rid of your junk sustainably and for a good cause.

To find out more, head here.

Don’t forget about them 

The support for a cancer patient can subside after the initial shock has worn off, so try to be there for them.

Let them know you’re around for a chat whenever they might need you. Just your being there could make the world of difference for someone who’s going through a very hard time.

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