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Putting the Fun into Fundraising

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Laura Jayne Clarke - Bag packing

We receive no government or lottery funding so we rely solely on our volunteers.

Fundraising has multiple benefits for us and for you, so we thought we would share some handy tips and creative ideas of how to make fundraising fun, whilst also raising money for a great cause.

1. Why not start with a small event and get your group of friends together for a movie marathon night. To make it every inch a cinematic experience, make sure you’ve got a range of films, charge a small entry fee and provide plenty of popcorn, sweets and drinks.

2. If you fancy something a bit more lively, why not make staying in the new going out and invite your friends around for a night of drinking and dancing. All you need is a bottle of your favourite tipple and a good playlist of party tunes to ensure you’re dancing all night long. If all your friends who attend the ‘night in’ donated the amount of money they would normally spend on a night out then you’re sure to raise a substantial amount of money!

3. If you’re a crafty person and fancy making something you can sell, then why not create a Monopoly game that contains places from your local town. The Make Your Own Monopoly Game software makes it easy to download instructions and all the templates that you will need. Sell copies of the game in your local community and donate the profits to Leukaemia CARE.

4. Why not get involved with the new trend of ‘swishing’? Simply choose a day and a place and ask people to bring along with them any unwanted items of clothes that are still in good condition. Attendees can pay a small entrance fee to the event and in return swap their unwanted item of clothing with someone else’s.

 5. If you’ve got a sweet tooth and have a blender why not think up some new and exotic flavours of smoothies, juices and milkshakesand sell them. To make them look even more appealing you could buy some simple cups and decorate them as you see fit. This is a fruity new twist on the classic lemonade stand.

6. Get your local pub involved and host a cocktail night. Instead of having the usual tipples on offer, encourage people to try a range of different cocktails with each one being worth a donation to Leukaemia CARE.

Alternatively, do something amazing and take part in a trip of a lifetime with our overseas treks. If you have ever wanted to do an exhilarating challenge for charity this is the perfect opportunity for you.

We offer a number of different treks, including Uganda, Kilimanjaroand Annapurna. We understand that thinking about the extensive training that would be required for one of these treks is daunting and sometimes, the minimum sponsorship that you need to reach may seem like a challenge, but we can assure you that the experience will be truly worthwhile.

The benefits of taking part in an experience like this are endless. Not only are you raising a phenomenal amount of money for a worthwhile cause, but you are also going on a personal journey and will be able to accomplish a phenomenal achievement.

If you’re interested in taking part in any of our events or creating your own fundraising event, contact the Fundraising Team on 01905 755 977.

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