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Patient Perspective – Aspirations for the year

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Vickie

I have a number of aspirations for 2017. The main things I want to achieve are: to be a good mum; to overcome any obstacles that may try and come my way; and to enjoy life and spend time with my family.

This year is also about completing my kitchen, living room and my son’s bedroom. We are halfway through the kitchen but there are little bits left to do. This is an ongoing project so will take time. We weren’t even meant to start my son’s bedroom yet, but we have managed to finish it. He has a new wardrobe, desk and bed, plus a lick of new paint. He’s now 10 years old, so we wanted to make his room a bit older for him.

I enjoy doing my house, coming up with new ideas, and love making changes and organising things around. I think it keeps my mind busy and I love to see the end result of what me and my husband have achieved; we get great satisfaction from that. I also want to plant a few more garden plants as I love pottering around in the garden. That’s my favourite place in the summer, relaxing in the garden.

This year, I hope to do more walking as I really enjoy it. However, I have a cartilage problem and was supposed to have keyhole surgery on my knees on 24th March, yet it didn’t go ahead.

As I arrived at the hospital, I was a bag of nerves. I went onto the day unit with my mum, hoping they would allow her in with me, but as we all entered the day unit I was told my mum was not allowed in to support me; I had to go it alone. You can imagine how terrified I was.

I got changed ready to go in. The doctors and nurses came around and checked my blood pressure and drew an arrow on my knee where they were going to make the incision. I was second on the list, which I was relieved about as I didn't want to be there all day. I was taken down into the room, where I was going to have general anaesthetic. As I entered the room, I started crying. The doctors and nurse were advised how bad my phobia of needles was.

The first needle went into the back of my hand but the doctor couldn't find a vein. So, this made my experience worse. He then tried again, but in my forearm with no anaesthetic cream, as I’d had on the back of my hand. That was very painful, but my veins had collapsed and they were not coming back up at all. I went back on the day unit and waited and still my veins weren't coming back up, so I couldn't have the key hole surgery done. I was petrified and by the time my veins did come back up, I was not in the right frame of mind at all. I was scared and my arm hurt from the huge needle I’d had injected. I’ll now have to wait for a few months before getting back in again and it looks like my hopes to do more walking will have to be put on hold.

My children want to go up Mount Snowdon this year, as I did this for Leukaemia CARE a few years back, and they would like to go up there themselves. So, if and when everything is okay with myself, I will conquer it again, this time with my children and hopefully my husband. 

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