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Olympic inspiration for blood cancer patients

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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With Rio fever in the air, are you feeling inspired to get more active but just don’t know where to start? Here we provide some tips on getting up and about, without having to compete in the Olympics!

Getting active  

The thought of starting any physical activity after a blood cancer diagnosis and during treatment can feel daunting. You may be struggling with fatigue or other sides effects of treatment such as nausea and pain, as well as the emotional strain of living with a blood cancer.

We would never want anyone to feel pressured into exercising before they are ready, but it's worth remembering there are ways to get more active that doesn’t involve a vigorous Olympic-ready routine!

Benefits of physical activity

It's well known that physical activity can bring benefits of general fitness and feelings of wellbeing. If you are living with, or have been treated for, a blood cancer, being more active is beneficial for your overall health and energy levels.

If you’ve experienced different side effects during your treatment or sometime after finishing treatment, regular physical activity can help you to manage these.

For example:

Build up gradually

Many people think that being active means you have to exercise intensely, which is not always the case. You could start building it up gradually, engaging in activities like:

Little and often is key – and start when you feel ready.

More information

There is information on our website about getting active following a blood cancer diagnosis.

You can also speak to our nurse on our Care Line by calling 08088 010 444 or emailing  for advice.

Getting involved

For people looking to become more active during or after treatment, we run a series of sporting challenges, runs, walks, treks and events in the UK and overseas which inspire and motivate people when trying to increase their activity after blood cancer – as well as raising funds for Leukaemia CARE.

For more information, speak to our Fundraising Team on 01905 755 977 or email

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