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Julie Lewin

“I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) in January 1997. I spent six months at St Barts in London having treatment, until it finally ended with a full stem cell transplant.

“When I was sent home, my mind was all over the place. I can't remember how I came by Leukaemia CARE's details; all I remember was speaking to Ann Ashley and I felt like I had been saved. Once I regained my strength in mind and body and felt I would be some use, I contacted LC to say I would be interested in becoming a volunteer or buddy and helping the way Ann helped me.

“My first call was to a lady who had just been diagnosed and we chatted for some time. I still speak with this lady 13 years later and we often say how much we helped one another through some very difficult times. To know that what I have done is a wonderful feeling. I have spoken with many people over the years and it gives me such pleasure to help anyone through what is the worst thing that can happen in your life.

“Family members and friends have run the London Marathon to raise funds, plus my husband and friends have done cycle rides. Also, collection boxes have been given to various people to put the odd pennies in. Working as a volunteer has been a wonderful experience in my life, something I never thought I would be able to do and I am so pleased I have because I have met some amazing people with a lot of heart.”


The Phillip's

This April, the Phillip's hosted a Spring Ball in memory of father and husband Jerry, who sadly passed away from acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), and Ria Phillip's partner Ronald, who passed away after developing pulmonary fibrosis. The event raised a brilliant £3,000, with the funds split between Leukaemia CARE and the British Lung Foundation.

Jerry was diagnosed with AML in 1992, aged 35. He had four rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant with his own marrow, but this unfortunately failed, and Jerry passed away in 1994, aged 37. He left behind his wife, Ria, and their three children – Louise, Rachel and Michael.

At the time of Jerry’s funeral, £1,300 was collected and generously donated to LC. This March, Jerry would have turned 60, so the Phillip’s decided to raise funds for LC again. They came to the conclusion that they didn’t want to do a challenge event, but would prefer something everyone could enjoy, like a ball. They got to work organising a Spring Ball, and the date was set for 21st of April.

170 people attended the ball, making it a great success. There was a three-course meal, a band, and a disco.

Ria explained how her children kept her strong during Jerry’s battle with AML. When he passed, the kids were seven, nine and eleven. Having been a nurse, Ria said that life goes on, that you have to carry on when a tragedy happens. That’s how you stay strong. 

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