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London Marathon runner - Hettie Burrows

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Hettie Burrows

Hi, I’m Hettie!

I’m 21 years old and live near Plymouth in Devon. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge and so my time is split between being at home and university.

I have decided to take on the challenge of running the 2017 London Marathon. I have run a marathon before - I ran the Eden Project Marathon on my 21st birthday back in October last year. At the time, my logic was: ‘I will only be running one marathon, so I might as well do one of the most challenging ones.’

On the one hand, this thinking was correct in that the hilly terrain certainly did make it a challenge. On the other hand, it wasn’t to be my one and only marathon, as here I am taking on London!

I am excited to be taking on London. It is a huge event and I feel privileged to be running for Leukaemia CARE. I’m running for them as it is a charity that I have been made aware of from an early age. My cousin was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 2. I understand the difficulties that are imposed upon both the patient and their family during this time, and the external support that suffering families can access is essential. I therefore want to do my bit to contribute to the amazing efforts made by other volunteers to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

However, I’ve found the fundraising element to be quite hard since, being a student, there is only a certain degree to which you can ask your friends to spare you £5-10. I have therefore had to find alternative ways to meet my target. So far, I have held several bake sales and a dinner event. These events were much more challenging than I originally anticipated. First, university kitchen ovens can be particularly ‘unpredictable’ and there is no easy access to the pre-stocked home kitchen cupboard! Suffice to say, there has been many an incident of burnt cakes!

I have currently raise just over £1,000. My fundraising efforts have come to a bit of a standstill in recent weeks given the increasing pressures of the third year dissertation! However, I am hoping to raise more money when I return home for the Easter holidays; I have already planned a countryside walk and post-walk lunch for my grandparents’ walking group. I certainly still have a way to go with my fundraising. Nevertheless, the target will be reached whatever it takes!

In terms of my training, this is going well. I ran the Cambridge Half Marathon last weekend and, despite the rainy conditions and the fact I ended up running in two jumpers (it was cold waiting at the start line) I achieved a good time of one hour thirty minutes. My muscles are most definitely feeling the strain. However, I am continuing to enjoy my training and as the weather turns warmer, the early 6am runs are becoming slightly more bearable!

I am incredibly excited for the 23rd April and really encourage everyone to get involved! If you wish to contribute to my fundraising this would be so appreciated and I would be so grateful. Please find the link to my fundraising page below:

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