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Let them eat cake!

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Cake. It’s there to brighten any occasion, from birthdays to weddings to Christmas, and we defy you to name any moment that couldn’t be made infinitely better by the presence of a Victoria sponge.

However, cake isn’t just there to be indulged, but is also used for a good cause: a bake sale. This classic fundraiser has been around for decades and is always guaranteed to drum up the funds for a worthy charity.

So, to celebrate, let’s take a look at some cake and bake sale facts…

1. The first cakes were baked in ancient Egypt, where bread was sweetened with honey, fruit and nuts.

They then progressed to the precursor for modern cakes in the mid-17th century, where they were now round and covered in hard, glossy icing, just like ice.

However, cakes as we know them today were first made in the middle of the 19th century, when yeast was replaced with baking powder and refined white flour was used.

2. The 2016 Great British Cake Survey revealed that the UK’s top three cakes are…

3. Here in the West Midlands, where Leukaemia Care is based, the number one cake is chocolate cake. We would certainly agree with that choice, although we’re not picky when it comes to cake at Leukaemia Care HQ!

4. No one quite knows when the first bake sale was held, but the word ‘bake sale’ has been traced as far back as 1902.

5. The Charities Aid Foundation discovered that bake sales raised approximately £185m for charities in 2015.

6. In just one year, our amazing supporters have raised around £3,000 for Leukaemia Care by hosting their own bake sales!

Our fundraisers organise an estimated 20 bake sales a year, so that’s around £150 from each sale!

7. The Worcester National Citizenship Service (NCS) group raised the most money at a bake sale for Leukaemia Care this year, with the total coming to a brilliant £220!

8. The Great British Bake-Off lit the fuse for a home baking boom, with around six million people (12% of the UK population) inspired to take up baking and sell their creations in just one year.

9. The World Record for the most cakes sold in eight hours belongs to the University of Edinburgh, who sold 18,195 baked goods, beating the previous record of 14,534.

10.The world’s largest Jaffa cake was baked in London this year (and yes, it’s a cake, not a biscuit!). It measured 124cm (4ft 0.8 in) wide and was made using 5.6kg of eggs, of butter, 6.1kg of caster sugar, 6.1kg of self-raising flour, 200g of vanilla, a 12kg disc of orange jelly and 15kg of dark chocolate.

Feeling inspired? Why not host your own bake sale for Leukaemia Care? Just contact the Fundraising team on, or call 01905 755 977, to have a chat about organising a bake sale.

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