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Have a scare for Leukaemia CARE

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Halloween at Leukaemia CARE

We’re into October, it’s getting darker in the evenings and Summer may seem like a distant memory.

Many people may find it hard to think of ways to fundraise this time of year, but with bats, pumpkins and skeletons popping up in shops, restaurants and in our homes, why not transform your regular fundraising ideas and fundraise Halloween-style for October.

So, put a spook-tacular spin on your fundraising ideas and you’ll be sure to raise those pounds. Who doesn’t love a good fright?

Ideas to get you started

Hold a ‘Trick or Treat’ office event

Make the tricks as ghoulishly horrifying as you can and get your work colleagues to pay to see other colleagues or face their worst nightmares. A soaking with a bucket of beans is sure to do the trick – if the boss allows it of course!

Petrifying party

A perfect fundraising idea for schools or even at home.

Halloween baking

Halloween is a great excuse to hold a bake sale either at your workplace, yours or your child’s school or even a craft fair in your local area. Baking Halloween-style is much more fun as it allows you to use horrifying colours and quriky flavours and is great for kids who’ll love eating gross creations like Frankenstein cupcakes and chocolate bat biscuits.

Dress up Halloween-style

Ask your work colleagues or your school to have a day where you all come in in your fearsome fancy dress and make a small donation. A small idea that will be a fun change to your day.

Scary movie night

Put on a show of horror movie madness. Invite all of your friends around to watch some classic scary movies along with some Halloween-style tasty treats and just ask for a donation for the pleasure of attending your private cinema.

Mad scientist potion class

If you’re not afraid of a bit of mess, why not have a ‘crazy scientists putrid potions class?’ Get all of your attendees to make a donation and buy lots of ingredients to make your devilish drinks! This can be tailored for both children, using fizzy pops, ice creams and sweet toppings, and adults by having a Halloween-style cocktail class.

Remember, if you need any fundraising material such as balloons, banners or posters you can email and we can send out personalised for your fundraising activity.

Don’t forget to pay in your money afterwards! You can find out how to do so, here.

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