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Spooktacular Half term fundraising

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Here are our top five ways to fundraise this October Half term. With everything from carving pumpkins to holding a spooky show, there’s plenty to get stuck in to.

1)      Pumpkin carving competition

Let the kids invite their friends over or even rope the adults in too for a Halloween fundraiser. Ask everyone to bring a pumpkin and make a small donation to take part. Don’t forget to announce the winner.

2)     Get arty this autumn

It won’t be long until the ground is covered in leaves in every shade of orange and red. Why not let the little ones get arty and collect leaves for a collage or try their hand at leaf rubbing? Put their masterpieces on display in your home and ask friends and family to visit the make-shift gallery by making a donation.

3)    Give something up

The school holidays may be a time for treats but, why not get the kids to give up playing their favourite toy for a week or even, going without their favourite food. Fill in one of our sponsorship forms and get family and friends to donate for their efforts.

4)     Perform a spooktacular show

Let your little drama kings and queens show off their talents by hosting their own show. Think talent shows or plays, whatever takes their fancy. Invite your guests and charge them a small ticket price. Get the kids involved in making tickets, costumes or even writing a script.

5)     Set up shop

Half term is a great time to have a sort-out of the kids toys and books. Why not get rid of things you don’t need any more and hold your own sale? You’ll have more space and you’ll be raising money.  To bring the buyers in, why not get baking and make some tasty treats to sell alongside your toys and books?

No matter how you decide to fundraise for Leukaemia CARE, your money will help us to support even more people affected by blood cancer, whether that is the patient themselves or their carer.  If you’d like to speak to a member of our Fundraising team, email: or call 01905 755977

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