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Have you heard of Giving Tuesday?

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What is it?

Giving Tuesday is a campaign dedicated to giving back and is an idea that has spread across the world to countries like the USA, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Giving Tuesday was brought to the UK in May 2014 as an opportunity for people to get together to take action for charitable causes close to their heart.

Anyone can take part and make a difference no matter how much and what they give, whether it’s volunteering, donating money or raising awareness.

When is it?

Giving Tuesday 2015 is on Tuesday 1st December, following the jam-packed sales of Black Friday and the painstaking hours bargain hunting on Cyber Monday that mark the start of the festive shopping season.

This day is to reduce the pressures of Christmas spending and gives an opportunity to make a difference to charities big or small that have had a positive impact on you or your loved one’s lives.

Why do it?

Giving Tuesday is an ideal opportunity to put small actions to good use and help to make a real impact on behalf of those supported by charities.

During the first year of Giving Tuesday in the UK, donations to charities across the UK soared with an increase of 43% compared to any other Tuesday of the year, following on from the success of the campaign in the USA.

By donating your time, money or your voice, you can help raise awareness of a good cause for a day. ‘Giving’ means so much more than just giving money and that’s what the Giving Tuesday concept is all about. Absolutely everyone has something they can give.

How to get involved?

There is no right or wrong way to get involved in Giving Tuesday. We would like as many people as possible to give something to Leukaemia CARE on 1st December. Whether it is choosing to become a volunteer, getting involved in a fundraising event, a small one-off donation or even sharing our social media posts to raise awareness of blood cancers. Anything you can do will make a difference on Giving Tuesday.

Keep your eyes peeled to find out how you can support us on the 1st December and don’t forget to tag Leukaemia CARE if you are posting about your activity, as well as adding #GivingTuesday.

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