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Getting clubs and schools involved in your fundraising

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Your local school or club could get involved in recycling for us. It's super easy and means we aren’t letting anything go to waste! Relieve your rubbish draw and let us take your old inkjets and those euros from your trip last year. We can get up to £1 per ink jet, that is some serious cash that will go towards helping us fight blood cancer.

It’s time to let go of the 90s! Give us your old mobile, no phone is too old for us. We take in all the golden oldies. Let your 32 10 leave a legacy and help us keep proving our services for your community.

Stamp out waste! We want all of those stamps you get through your door. Why not make it a family challenge? The first person with a full envelope wins. Little things make a big difference and those little squares can go a long way. 


Are you or your child part of one of these groups? You can gain one of your badges by being involved with a charity and helping to fundraise for us. The more people that get involved the more fun you can have. Why not have a cub's sports day in the summer to raise money or a sponsored bike ride? Turn your passion into a sponsored event and you are guaranteed success.

Top Fundraising tips:


Could your child’s school Fundraise their way to superhero status?

Schools are a perfect hub for creativity and ideas. That’s why we encourage schools to take on fundraising for us or label us as their charity of the year.

With two bands, kids can be our Superhero or our Sidekick. We try and encourage fundraising to be built into the curriculum and make sure the schools know what Leukaemia is and the children are informed in an easy way about how their actions can make a difference to others. Do you know a school that can help us?

Please contact and become one of our heros! 

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