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Get your community involved

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Laura Jayne Clarke - Bag packing

Getting your local community involved in your fundraising can sometimes seem difficult, especially when everyone is going about their day-to-day lives and things get busy.

The biggest obstacle some fundraisers seem to have is getting others involved, as they say, they don’t know enough people. This can be hard as you feel like nobody around you would be willing to help, or your network of contacts may not be big enough.

However, I have a TOP TIP: you know way more people than you think!

Here at LC, we like to use webs to help us visualise who we know, and you can do the same. You can create your own web of contacts that could help LC and kick start your fundraising in the community.

How to create your web

  1. Write your name in the middle of the web
  2. Branch out with immediate family members – Husband, Wife, Dad, Mum, Children, Siblings
  3. Where do you and your family members work? – Write down those work places, and who they know there
  4. What clubs/activities do they do? – Write down gyms, swim clubs, amateur dramatics, pubs, horse riding - ANY local activity they take part in
  5. What are your hobbies? - Write down your hobbies, whether that is a Zumba class or a trip to your local library

Once you start branching out and linking up, you should finally reach a point where you have a big web of people and places that can help. See my example below. 

It can be as simple as your place of work having a collection tin on site, or perhaps your best friend’s son’s workplace has a charity of the year that Leukaemia CARE could apply for. Maybe a friend of your wife’s knows a DJ that could provide the music for your event? There are so many links within a community that at first glance may not seem so obvious, but once you start writing it down and branching out you realise you have people around you that may be able to offer something to support your fundraising.

Give it a go and see how big you can make your web. You can even get family members to make their own and see if they have different links to you. This web is unique to you and your life. It is the perfect way to tailor your fundraising and make the most out of your community.

If you’d like to join our team of Community Fundraisers, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can call me on 01905 755 977, or email me at

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