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It’s September again, autumn is on its way and it’s back to school for the kids! Instead of starting the term wishing it was summer again, why not start it with a fundraising bang? Getting your kids’ school involved in helping a charity can be beneficial for you, your children and the school.

But getting involved with a school doesn’t have to be hard work. This year already we have had two schools raise over £2000 for us! We also offer schools the chance to fundraise for us in partnership and do a 50/50 split on anything raised. That way, the school can also benefit from the fundraising.

How do I begin?

Some schools have a PTA group that decides on fundraising activities throughout the year. No PTA? No problem! You can go directly to your head teacher and see what they think.

We have draft letters available to you, so if you don’t have time to go into the school or catch the head teacher at the school gates for a quick chat, you can download our sample letters and pop one in the post, or ask your child to pass it onto their teacher.

We encourage you to tell your story when approaching the school. If you have a personal link with leukaemia, let the school know and explain why the fundraising means so much to you.

What could I do in the school?

Check out some of these fundraising ideas that your chosen school could try!

It isn’t all about the money

Raising awareness of leukaemia is just as important as raising funds. If you are part of a small school or you don’t think the school will agree to holding a fundraising event, you could always do something small to raise awareness. You could give the school our childhood leukaemia leaflets to educate parents and their children on the symptoms of leukaemia.

We could also visit the school and do an educational presentation on blood cancer facts, as well as suggest fun and easy ways for them to fundraise in school, such as stamp collecting.

So, if getting involved with your local school sounds like your kind of fundraising, get in touch with me on 01905 755 977 or at

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