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Top ten fundraising ideas for families

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Keep the kids busy and do your bit for charity this summer! Our Community Fundraising Officer, Mikki Camfield lists our top ten fundraising ideas to get stuck into.

1. Art attack

Let the creativity flow and be a hit with your budding artists.  Dig out anything from colouring pencils to paints, or even head outside and let your children forage for flowers or leaves to make their very own collage or picture. When you’re finished with your masterpieces, stick them on the walls and invite friends and family round to your gallery, charging them a small entry fee.

2. Mix and match

Let the kids have full reign of their wardrobe (or even the dressing up box) to wear whatever they like for one day. Just get them to part with a pound for the privilege.

3. It’s a Knock Out!

A definite hit with the family, why not host your own football tournament? Invite all your friends and family round and ask them to pick a country to dress up as. With a small £1 entry, you’ll be set for some fantastic footy fundraising.


Why not swap your wintery Sunday roast for a Perfect Picnic? A perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family over a summery snack or two, hosting your own picnic and getting everyone to make a small donation, will be helping people with leukaemia. Why not get the kids helping with preparing the picnic too to keep them busy?

5. Bounce

This bounce-tastic fundraiser is a great hit with the kids and is a brilliant way to keep them active too. Use a trampoline or a bouncy castle and why not see how many bounces they can complete in five minutes? Get friends and family to make a donation to take part.

6. Variety show

Let the drama queens and Billy Elliots of the family take the stage for a performance. Invite friends and family and charge them a small ticket price. Let the kids create their own script and get the whole family together.

7. Sponsored sleep over

Be a hit with the other parents and let your kids invite their friends over for a sponsored sleepover. Everyone pays £1 to stayover and you’ll be helping someone with leukaemia.

8. Coin mile

Like a challenge? Bring all the family and friends together and ask them to bring along some coins. Split into teams and make a line with all your team coins. The team with the longest line are the winners and everyone donates their coins.

9. Fun day

For a fun-filled get-together, host your own fun day. You could do anything from face painting, garden games, to a delicious homemade cake sale. Or why not ask everyone to bring their favourite board game? Get all the family together and do something amazing by raising money for Leukaemia CARE.

10. Grow your own

Let those budding gardeners flourish and raise money for charity too. All you’ll need is a few flower seeds and some green-fingered helpers!  Wait to see who can grow the tallest flower and ask everyone to pay a few pounds to take part.


Remember if you need anything for your fundraising event or activity such as banners, posters or balloons then please contact the fundraising team or call 01905 755977.

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