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Eight weeks to go!

written by

Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Jenni Hughes

By Jenni Hughes


Well it’s eight weeks until the marathon and I thought I’d be a lot more nervous than I am!

I have been following the Nike+ app, which has been amazing at slowly but surely getting some really good distance under my belt as well as factoring much-needed rest days and cross-training sessions into my training.

Last weekend I did my longest run – 12 miles. This weekend I have to do 15 miles, which I’m actually looking forward to. Who’d have thought! It’s funny starting a challenge like this when the furthest you’ve ever run is 10km. People have been so supportive but I’ve also had the: “I can’t believe you’re still doing it, I really thought you’d give up on it.” Oh thanks!

It’s definitely a lot harder than you think, training your body to run for such long distances. As a previous sprinter and a gym bunny, getting out of the house early in the morning to get some good miles in before work, at the weekends or after work is hard and it definitely takes some dedication on your part to factor in that time during the week. But it’s also been amazing at stress relief, I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been in my life and seeing the city at night or early in the morning has just been wonderful.

My training at the moment consists of running anything between 5 – 11km, five days a week, with a cross-training session usually at the end of any shorter runs. For the 5 – 8km runs, I’m mixing in interval trainings rather than just jogging. The sixth training day of the week is my longer run. So as I say, this weekend will be the furthest I’ve run at 15 miles. I didn’t find the 12 mile run last weekend too difficult, although I stupidly didn’t eat before I ran (as I started before 6am) but this week I definitely will as I was really tired on the way home. I am really looking forward to this run as well on Saturday as my brother-in-law is going to join me half way so I can do the last bit with him. It’s great to have some motivation.

In the last few weeks of training I’m going to join a running club in Clapham where I live and try at least once a week to go to a training session. I think clubs are great to get some motivation from other people – to help with speed, strength and some general motivation for the day.

One of the main challenges I’ve found when training especially in the last few weeks has been the cold weather. Running when it is so cold is difficult on so many levels. Firstly, getting out of bed for a start, getting warm when you’re running and then overheating and trying to motivate yourself to get out of the door when the tube is just there! But actually it’s like anything, the thinking about it is just way worse than the doing. The other main challenge for me has been the non-stop colds that I’ve been getting throughout the training which have knocked me out for days, sometimes a whole week, which is frustrating. I have one at the moment, but I’ve managed to still go to the gym and do the shorter runs.

If you’re running the London Marathon, I hope your training is going well. See you next time!

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