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eBay your way to Christmas giving

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Christmas Presents (via Pixabay 01112017)

Do you know any crazy eBay professionals? At Christmastime, we are often overloaded with presents, both wanted and unwanted. Maybe everyone knows you love candles and you simply have too many to handle! Here at Leukaemia Care, we don’t have charity shops for people to donate unwanted items or gifts to, so we are asking you to eBay them instead.

We’re guessing that you probably didn’t know eBay allows you to donate all or some of the money you receive from a sale straight to charity. Or that you can choose a favourite charity to give a donation to whenever you make a purchase.

Even just £5 could help to fund our online learning resource for GPs, meaning that they’re better equipped to spot the symptoms of leukaemia earlier.

Visit our eBay page today to get your items listed:

Get your friends and family involved and don’t let those presents go to waste. It doesn’t even have to be a Christmas gift, it could be a left-over extra that you have found in the back of the cupboard, or a gift you weren’t too keen on from your work Secret Santa.

If you aren’t an eBay whizz, then you can always make a simple donation to us this Christmas to support us. Here is what your money could do for others:

£50 Could help to train one of our help line volunteers and buddies, meaning patients receive the emotional support they need around the clock.

£150 Could cover our Nurse Advisor on the help line for one week so that patients receive medical and clinical advice at a time when they need answers.

£400 Could pay for a hospital support worker for a month.

£800 Could pay for 12 issues of our monthly advocacy toolkit. This kit empowers patients to access medical treatment, giving them advice and support on their rights.

£2000 Could pay for a new patient video to comfort and inspire others with blood cancer.

Please visit our website if you are interested in making a Christmas donation. Thank you for your support.

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