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Organise your Christmas Jumper Day

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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The trees are bare, you’ve pulled your winter coat out of the cupboard, and you’re thinking about when is the right time to watch ‘Elf’ again. That’s right… its officially nearly Christmas!

Offices around the country will be having their Christmas Jumper Day and we are asking you to do it for Leukaemia Care, because what is better than forcing your colleagues to give £2 to look a bit silly?

Our suggested date is Friday 15th December, but any date you want to do is fine! Just charge colleagues £2 on the day. You could also think about holding a Christmas raffle or a ‘guess how many in the jar’ in the office to add to funds.

We can support you too. If you want to put on your own work place Christmas Jumper Day, please contact us on 01905 755 977 or email We can provide you with banners, balloons and collection tins for the day.

Funny clothing and mild embarrassment not your thing? That’s okay! We have another idea. Ask yourself this:

Most people might say no to the latter! Instead of being disappointed in your gift and having to spend £10 on someone else’s gift, why don’t you suggest that everyone give their Secret Santa money to LC this Christmas? Whether it is £5, £10 or £20 that you decide to spend on gifts, collect it up and give to a charity, a gift that won’t spend years in the cupboard! 

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