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Christmas fundraising ideas YULE love

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With everyone's favourite man in red gearing up to make an appearance, filling up everyone's stockings and getting everyone into the Christmas spirit, why not put a festive spin on your fundraising and get geared up for winter.

So put on your Santa hats and get thinking! Here we have come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Have a Christmas jumper day

Whether it’s your school or your work, convince your head teacher or your boss to let you hang up your uniform for the day and dig out your festive season jumpers. A brilliant way to get everyone involved in a mass of knitted snowman and snowflake jumpers! Get everyone to make a small donation for taking part.

Santa Dash

Get your friends, family, work colleagues and local community together to dress up as the main man in red and get sponsored to run 'X' amount of miles by organising your own fun run. Watching a sea of Santa’s taking to your local streets will bring a smile to even a Scrooge's face this Christmas!

Wrapping presents

If you enjoy wrapping presents and love helping people during the busy Christmas period, why not set up a wrapping station and help people wrap their gifts for charity. Charge a small fee to your nearest and dearest to save them a busy evening wrapping and get the feel-good factor from a job well done.

Christmas baking

Who doesn't enjoy a slice of Christmas cake, chocolate Yule log or a mince pie?

Why not make the most of this time of year and get creative in the kitchen to make everyone a little piece of Christmas. You can get your work, school or family and friends involved by having a cake sale at work or school or by inviting your loved ones around to sell all your lovely festive treats.

Secret Santa

Every office or close group of friends enjoys doing secret Santa. Why not spend £4 on a present and donate £1 to charity. It may seem like a small amount but could make a huge difference, especially when there are a lot of people taking part.

Charity Christmas cards

A very simple and effective way to donate to charity, because everyone loves to receive a Christmas card from their loved ones. Why not, instead of buying expensive cards, buy some of our Leukaemia CARE charity Christmas cards? You can download an order form here or contact the fundraising team by calling 01905 755977 to order your cards now.

Hold a New Years Eve party

Too late to plan a Christmas fundraiser? Invite all of your nearest and dearest and hold a party to celebrate the New Year. Put on a spread of food and refreshments, sort out a festive playlist (it’s not too late for Christmas songs) and even plan some games. Ask everyone to make a donation to attend your party, don’t forget to stay up until midnight and see 2015 out with a bang!


Remember if you need any fundraising material for your event or activity to help raise those vital funds, such as banners, posters or balloons, then please contact the Fundraising Team on for your own personalised resources.

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