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Carl Parry is running the London Marathon

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Carl and dad

Hi, my name is Carl Parry. I am 40 years old. This year, I have decided to run the London Marathon for Leukaemia Care, as running the London Marathon was a lifelong ambition of both mine and my father’s. We had dreamt of running the marathon together.

Unfortunately, my father passed away 27 years ago now. We lost him to the blood cancer leukaemia. When I was younger, both my father and I were very keen runners and we used to train and enter races together. We are from the Rhondda Valley and regularly entered the Rhondda Run for Fun. The Rhondda Run for Fun was a 10-mile event that no longer takes place as it once did. It was during this time of our lives that we bonded through our running, religiously watching the London Marathon every year and setting our goal of running the event together.

Over the course of the last 27 years, I somewhat lost sight of this goal, but became reacquainted with the idea of running the event after completing several distance events in Wales, most notably the Cardiff Half Marathon.

After watching the London Marathon 2017, I was so inspired to take part in the next year’s event I began my search immediately. I have never run for a charity at all before so I knew by choosing to do the event I would like it to be for a higher purpose. That purpose was to run for a charity, but which one? The London Marathon is affiliated with many charitable associations all as equally deserving as the next. What affected my choice and why I chose Leukaemia Care in particular to represent was firstly my association with leukaemia, and secondly the idea of running the event in my father’s honour. 

My training has suffered somewhat over the last few months with a mild ankle injury, and I can’t wait to get back out there. In the solitude of running the many miles needed to complete a marathon, I have reflected a lot about the charity and why I am representing them. Leukaemia Care do so much good work for families in times of need. I only wish such a support network was available all those many years ago when our family needed it. 

It is during this forced rest period I have set up my JustGiving page, where direct donations to the charity can be made. I have also organised an online raffle where my business has donated two tickets to watch The Script in concert in February 2018. I have also partaken in a charity walk up Pen y Fan organised by my running group. I am keen to follow up on the success of the raffle by organising another just like it. However, I may not limit this one to just being online.

I am very lucky to have the support of my family in achieving the goal of completing the London Marathon. I fully intend to represent the charity further during the pursuit of my next goal after the London Marathon: completing the Ironman Event in Tenby Wales.

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