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Bruno Gustavo Macaneiro’s London Marathon story

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Bruno

Running changed my life sharply. I went from a rather sedentary lifestyle to an active running year that resulted in two marathons completed under 3h:15m in 2017, which went beyond any of my expectations. While it impacted my own personal life, I always wanted to take on fundraising and be able to attribute this to a greater cause. I researched online, and Leukaemia Care seemed like a great charity run by amazing people and I immediately went with it.

This will be the first time I am running for charity, but certainly not the last. I am currently living in Spain, but I lived in London for an amazing three years and still have lots of friends and former co-workers in the city. Running in London will be an amazing personal experience for me and I wanted to do an homage to the city and the people I cherish there.

Therefore, I have decided to tattoo the initials of every person who donates £80 or more. If you ever wanted to brand your initials on another living body (and do not own cattle), this is your chance.

It is also a way of thanking everyone who is supporting this cause and me on running the 2018 London Marathon. It will be a pleasure to have the names of friends and family who helped with this as a memento of this special day.

I expected most of the fundraising to come from friends in London, but I ended up gaining amazing support from family in Brazil and friends in Spain and the US as well.

Training is going well; the toughest part starts now until mid-April. I try to run four times a week, with a HIIT session on Tuesdays, light mid distance on Thursday, race pace on Friday and long distances on Sunday. I am currently living in Madrid, so the weather and altitude have been a new challenge!

Running 42.2km is very tough. Waking up at 4am, doing 30+km on rainy days before work – never an easy task. But I am committed to do it as I understand this is nothing compared to the ordeal a person that suffers from blood cancer goes through.

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