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Be a Community Fundraiser for Leukaemia CARE

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Here at Leukaemia CARE, our volunteers are particularly special to us. We don’t receive any funding from the NHS, the government or the lottery, so we rely on the hard work and willpower of our brilliant volunteers. The money they raise improves the lives of those affected by blood cancer, and allows us to continue supporting those in need through our 24-hour CARE Line, support groups and other services.

We’re looking for more enthusiastic volunteers to join us. Whether you can spare minutes or hours, days or weeks, we need you. If you’d like to do something meaningful, then what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Collecting tin heroes wanted

Does traipsing to your local supermarket or newsagents feel like a chore? Well, why not make the weekly shop a little more worthwhile and become a collecting tin hero? All you’d need is a couple of spare hours a month and one of our collecting tins (or maybe take two!). Just pop to your local shops, or even your local pub, and ask if they’d display a collecting tin. Then all you’d need to do is wait for them to fill up! Each collecting tin can hold around £25 – so you could raise £100 just by taking four of our tins.

Find out more about this volunteering role here.

Host the perfect party

Fancy yourself as the best host or hostess? Then why not organise a fundraising event? Whether it’s a bake sale, a movie night or an eating competition, you could turn your favourite hobby into something truly meaningful.

Stuck for ideas? We’ve put together a list to get your started. Find it here.

Supermarket stars

If you like the sound of becoming a collecting tin hero but want to go a step further, we’re looking for Community Supermarket Collectors. Get your friends and family involved and head down to your local supermarket with our collecting tins and buckets. You’d only need to spare a couple of hours and we’d provide you with everything you need, including training and support from our existing supermarket collectors.

If you’re passionate about supporting those affected by blood cancer, then get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!


For more information email us at or phone us on 01905 755977.

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