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An introduction to Joanna Broomes

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

  • Robert Gillard Joanna Broomes


I'm Joanna Broomes. I'm 29 years old and LM15 will be my first ever marathon. The London Marathon has always been one of my goals and, as I approach my 30th birthday, I figure - why on earth not! My friend Rob (my best friend’s fiancé) said earlier this year that if we were serious, we should join a charity and run the London Marathon in 2015. So here we are…

We decided to run for Leukaemia CARE for a number of reasons. First of all, leukaemia, and blood cancer in general is something we've both been affected by. When I was young, growing up in Devon, we had some new neighbours move in - a young family with two little girls. Sadly, when the youngest was three, she was diagnosed with leukaemia. Even more tragically is that when she was six - despite an epic battle - she died. It always really struck me that this lovely little girl struggled for half of her existence with such a terrible affliction. And of course I saw how it affected her lovely family. So it felt very fitting to me to run for Leukaemia CARE. The wife of Rob's work colleague had leukaemia and is now in remission. He watched the go through a lot so he wanted to do something to help a blood cancer charity.

I have been running for a few years. I've always enjoyed it but I never claimed to be a 'good' runner - and I'll certainly never win any awards! But it's a very personal thing - much like choosing a charity like LC. 

Rob, my running partner, and I have a slight obstacle to overcome as we embark on our training and that’s the fact that we are located several hours away. I live in London and Rob lives in Yeovil, Somerset. So it does make it slightly tricky in that we will essentially be training alone until the big day next year. But we will try to get as many training runs in together as possible! As a starter, we ran the Great West Run in Exeter last weekend. 

Typically, I'd been well and training hard up until around two weeks before the race when I was struck down with a horrible virus/cold/flu. When we met on the start line, poor Rob was also coming down with something - so not exactly an ideal situation! 

But we set off nonetheless, proudly wearing our LC vests for the very first time and determined to represent the charity. And, despite it being a challenge - and incredibly hilly (who knew?!?!) - we finally made it. Being a naturally stronger and faster runner, Rob really helped me through and virtually dragged me across the line at 2 hours 10 mins. 

Now the hard work really begins. And I'm determined not to let Rob down - as well as the charity and all the amazing people they support. So it's time to get serious - and I look forward to sharing my experience with you all! 

Until next time…

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