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A Week in the Life of a Community Fundraising Officer

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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Being a Community Fundraising Officer is one of the best roles to have within a charity (although I am biased). Every day can bring a new challenge and a new task to add to the ‘to do’ list.

My role includes helping families and patients with fundraising through events they want to hold, such as quizzes and bake sales, or they might just want to place some collection tins for the charity. This is one of the parts I love the most because I get to hear everyone’s story and enable them to organise something great for a loved one affected by leukaemia.

I also try to get out into communities as much as possible. This includes talking to schools and community groups such as Scouts, Brownies and Rotary clubs.

It is my job to come up with different ideas in which our supporters can fundraise. This includes our eBay shop, recycling scheme, Goalden Gate lottery and regular giving schemes. This blog will give you a screenshot of how varied a typical week can be; there is always something going on!

Thanks for reading!

Sara Johnson

Community Fundraising Officer


If you would like to join Sara’s team of Community Fundraisers, simply drop her an email at, or give her a call on 01905 755 977.

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