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A day in the life of a Fundraising Officer

written by

Clare Brooks, Fundraising Officer

  • Clare

My role as a fundraising officer is to co-ordinate and look after all of our fundraisers who are raising money for Leukaemia CARE through events – whether its running events such as the London Marathon, cycling events like RideLondon, skydives, UK challenges including John O’Groats to Lands End and overseas treks such as the Inca Trail. Other members of the team look after other fundraising activity streams such as community fundraising and corporate donors.

I get into work and check my emails. I check for any enquiries and requests from our fundraisers and check our CRM system for any new event sign-ups that may have come in overnight from the website. I still get excited now when I see that there are people out there that want to raise money and support us – especially for amazing challenges such as The Great Wall of China or the Athens Marathon. I take my hat off to them.

Among some of the emails that may be sitting in my inbox are requests for promotional material from fundraisers who are holding an event or activity to help them reach their fundraising goal (e.g. for the London Marathon). They’ll ask for things like banners, posters, leaflets, collecting tins and stickers so it’s my job to organise that for them. I’ll brief the communications team who are responsible for creating promotional material to support events.

I’m normally working on lots of different events at once so I need to be super organised to ensure I’m on top of everything and know exactly what’s going on. We have regular communication with all of our event fundraisers so I work closely with the comms team to ensure our fundraisers are receiving the correct email communications – whether that’s a welcome email after signing up to an event, or the training guides we send out to our London Marathon runners.

By far our busiest and most successful event is the London Marathon where we have consistently more than 100 people running for us every year. The lead up to the event takes some organising to make sure our runners know what they are doing and what to expect, and they’ll often come to us as a first port of call before speaking to the London Marathon office directly if they have any questions. When it comes to Race Day, the buzz is electric and I love meeting our runners and putting faces to names. A lot of our runners have an incredible story behind their motive to run for us and to meet them is very humbling.

I pride myself on developing really good relationships with our fundraisers – after all if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. I make sure they‘ve got everything they need and help them with ideas for other fundraising activities. I like to think that the relationship I have with our fundraisers encourages them to fundraise for us again and again, and become ambassadors for our charity.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me are the fundraisers f course, some of our fundraisers are raising money for us because they are a patient themselves, or they are a friend or family member of someone who has been diagnosed. I try to make sure that these people are aware of the services we provide and, if needed, put them in touch with the CARE Team if they would like support.

I normally end the day by ensuring I have updated our fundraising database and the fundraisers who have asked for promotional materials have everything they need. My job can often involve a lot of plate spinning but I love the challenge and the variation each day brings.

There’s no denying that fundraising can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle. But knowing I have helped to bring in essential money to the charity is so rewarding and in a small way I feel part of helping to support the people who use our services.

I work alongside some great people who are enthusiastic and passionate about the work we do. If I had to pick a ‘high-point’ it would be seeing our amazing London Marathon runners crossing the finish line after blood, sweat and tears to complete it.

If you'd like to fundraise for us, you can email Clare or call 01905 755 977.

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