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A day in a support group

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Leukaemia Care, Charity

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By Ann Jones, care and support advisor

Sharing your experiences with someone who has been through a similar journey can be invaluable. Our support groups provide help, advice and support to patients, carers and their families. We coordinate and maintain 18 groups throughout the UK and some groups have a dedicated volunteer who helps facilitate each meeting.

If you haven’t been to one of our support groups before, they can offer you friendship, a space to talk through feelings, or just an opportunity to have a coffee and a laugh with people who know what you are going through.

You can find your nearest support group, when and where they are held on our website. All meetings vary in activity - sometimes we may hold an open forum or a Q&A session, we may go bowling, have a tea party or do something festive around Christmas time. Whatever the activity, there is always something for everyone.

An example of the great things we do, our Royal Liverpool support group is getting festive and planning a Christmas party. There will be music, food and drink and will be a fantastic evening for those who attend.

Want to set up a group near you? We are always on the look out for new opportunities and locations to expand our support groups. Are you somebody who would like to organise one in your area or maybe you work at a hospital that would be interested in having its own support group? To get further information about a support group near you or for help and assistance with setting one up, please call the CARE Team on 08088 010 444 or visit the website.

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